My art explores the idea of being an outsider in society.  In creating these drawing/sculpture hybrids, the drawings are obscured by layers of cut paper.  Because parts of each drawing are hidden, the viewer has to move around and peer into the openings to see the drawing underneath.  But just as with any outsider, the viewer can’t fully understand or see the whole picture and can only infer what is happening beneath, based on the tiny glimpses that are visible from the surface.


My choice of medium may seem surprising as the drawings and cut-out forms are often mistaken for being digitally produced or laser-cut, but the artist uses some of the most basic media – a pencil and a knife – as a counterbalance.  Technology is usually assumed to outperform human capability for accuracy and precision, but my art develops organically in a stream-of-consciousness, each mark suggesting the next, the finished product a surprise.  Because the marks are hand-drawn, they are analogous to human beings – the differences or “imperfections” are what makes each of us beautiful.